Innovative Fast Paced and Inspired Training


So many classes. We do it better. The variety, the options – you’ll never get bored!

Sweat (Athletic HIT)

High intensity athletic training. Suitable for all fitness levels. Functional, fast paced, dynamic intervals and circuits taking your fitness to a whole new level.

Note: Every class is a different experience/format. The station duration, reps and style change to challenge you different ways


PFC’s periodised strength class starts with a core lift (Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press or Pull) then movement in to full body accessory movements working through Power, Speed and Volume sets. Classes are suitable for all fitness levels and we highly recommend that all people who train with PFC are attending at least one Strength or Strength X Hit class per week for optimal results

Boxing + HIIT

We like to embrace the fighters spirit by teaching the skills of boxing through bag and pad-work combinations plus we’ll throw in some high intensity training (HIT) stations to really up the calorie burn. You’ll be on-the-go for a big chunk of the session and will walk out feeling confident to take on the day



Sweat X has all the awesome features of our signature Sweat classes but has more bang with boxing stations included through the circuit. One of the most popular classes we offer

Strength X HIT (intensity based strength)

This is the class for those who love HIIT training but want more resistance based training in their program. The strength component is geared toward functional strength as opposed to our traditional pure strength classes and you’ll notice higher volume and intensity too. Sore, sweaty and happy!

Running (intensity based running)

Our program is not all about endurance or the amount of kms you run – we focus relentlessly on how you run them. We combine speed, endurance and interval cycles with mental strength to have you peak when you need to. Don’t expect to run slow, boring km’s in this program – our sessions cater for varying run abilities but focus on the intensity that is according to your current level


Outdoors and Intense. Highly inspiring coaches will motivate you and transform your habits. We will super-charge your caloric output by increasing your ability to move your body in ways you never thought possible.


These intermediate to advanced level conditioning classes require you to bring out all your skill and will definitely test your work capacity. Higher levels of cardio (ski erg, rowers, watt bikes) combined with intermediate/advanced functioning conditioning will have you questioning everything during the session but walking away feeling very proud of yourself
***Not suitable for all fitness levels. Speak to a coach prior to booking this class***

Yoga For Athletes

Yoga For Athletes combines elements of Flow and Power Vinyasa into Yin to complement other areas of an athletes training program and sport. The Yin poses hit deep fascia stretching aiding in muscle function, performance, flexibility and recovery. These classes are 45-50 minutes with optional Shavasana at the end