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Try a High-Intensity Fitness Class in Chadstone

Progression Fitness offers a large selection of exciting and fun fitness classes. With a wide variety of sessions, members will find there’s something to suit any goal or mood. Daily indoor classes are offered throughout the morning and afternoon so that you can find one that works for your busy schedule. Our most popular classes include our HIT fitness class in Chadstone, running sessions, boxing workouts and strength-based training. Our variety of fitness classes mean that Melbournians have a wide selection to choose from whenever they want to fit in a workout. Browse our full selection of classes below.


This session is high-intensity fitness training in Chadstone at its finest. It’s suitable for all fitness levels and involves fast-paced intervals circuits that ramp up heart rates and burn calories. The format of this class, including sets and stations are always changing so that you never get bored with your workout.


With all of the best features of our signature Sweat class, this X version adds a bit of boxing into the mix. It’s one of our most popular classes, and we guarantee an exciting and challenging session for any fitness level. This class redefines HIT fitness training in Chadstone.


Strength classes begin with a core lift such as a squat, pull, deadlift or bench press. From there, we move into full-body accessory movements by emphasising power, speed and volume sets. These sessions are suitable for all fitness levels, but we recommend attending class at least once a week if you want to see significant results.

Boxing + HIT

Get in the fighting spirit with pad work, boxing combos and HIT stations. This combination technique session will amplify calorie burn. There’s no slowing down, so prepare for a sweaty and heart-pumping class.

Strength X HIT

We’re mixing HIT training with resistance-based training to create a more functional group strength class in Chadstone. Here, you’ll find higher volume and intensity than our regular HIT classes. You’re sure to leave feeling sore, sweaty and accomplished.


Our running programs are not about the number of kilometres you run, but how you run them. We help you work on speed, endurance and interval cycles to train steadily and purposefully. You’ll also improve your mental strength so you can power through tough runs when you need to. Our sessions cater to all ability levels.

Join Your First PFC Fitness Class In Chadstone

We’ve made it easy to find a class you love. From our impressive course catalogue, you can choose from high-energy, steady intensity or speed-based training. Browse the variety of HIT classes, running sessions, boxing, and group strength training Chadstone locals love. Schedule your first class with Progression Fitness Club today.