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At Progression Fitness Club, we have a diverse course catalogue that will appeal to any workout style. We offer many types of classes, including high-intensity fitness training in Abbotsford. Beyond HIT, we also provide dedicated running sessions targeted at form and endurance improvement, boxing classes that are anything but traditional, and strength-focused class sessions. We find that our varied class timetable allows members to mix up their workouts to avoid burnout, try new fitness styles that may become new favourites and provide multiple class offerings per day to work with any type of schedule. We’ve received a lot of great feedback that our classes offer something for everyone.

HIT Fitness Classes

High intensity (HIT) fitness training in Abbotsford is an excellent option for any type of fitness goal. Short but concentrated movements are compiled in order to increase heart rates and burn calories in a fun and motivating class environment. Our HIT offerings include:

Sweat HIT – Fast-paced, dynamic circuits that focus on intense movements for short bursts. The class format and stations change daily, so our sessions never get stale, and you’ll continue to see results.

Sweat X – All of the best parts of our classic Sweat HIT combined with added boxing movements. Sweat X is one of our most popular classes, and our members leave with a feeling of accomplishment.

Strength X HIT – This class combines HIT training with resistance-based training for a more practical strength session. You’ll leave this one sore, sweaty, and smiling.

Boxing + HIT – Combining boxing pad work, traditional combos and HIT stations to increase heartburn and calorie burn in a fast-paced, high-energy session.


Our coaches have devised high intensity, results based running programs that will improve the way you run. We focus on speed, endurance and interval cycles in our sessions. Coaches adapt classes to cater to members’ individual running levels and push everyone to reach a new intensity level. Our running sessions will allow you to build a strong foundation of proper form and safe practices.


Our group strength training in Abbotsford starts with a core lift such as a deadlift, squat or bench press and is followed by full-body accessory movements. Concentrating on speed, power and volume set, our classes are suitable for all levels of fitness. For optimal results, members should attend at least one Strength class per week to start seeing real results.

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Book your first PFC high-intensity fitness class in Abbotsford. With everything from yoga-based workouts to intense strength training, members have the option to focus on their favourites or mix up their activities with a new type of training. Browse our full class offering and session timetable to find a HIT fitness class in Abbotsford that works for you.