How We Train

Innovative Fast Paced and Inspired Training


Think about what group fitness training is like. Now forget that thought completely.

Training with Progression Fitness is different to any other group you’ve trained with. Progression evolves your view on life. It shifts your priorities. It changes your idea of yourself.

We’re serious about health and fitness, but it’s not just us. Our members are just as focused on their conditioning as our coaches are.

With Progression, you’ll be introduced to a new life where your physical peak is the essential backdrop to success in other areas of your life. Our group mindset, training principles and standards will become your own and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. The philosophies we live by are about much more than ticking off a training session. You will challenge yourself mentally and physically in ways you haven’t yet, and you will continue to climb higher.

All Progression sessions and locations have 3 levels attending because we know that group fitness attracts people with varying fitness levels. The levels offer room to move to greater challenges – you won’t ever get comfortable!


Level 1
Level 2
Level 3


This is our beginner level where members coming into the program learn how to move their bodies, start to develop strength with a boost in cardiovascular fitness – laying the foundation to a stronger you through good training habits!

Note: The level 1 base varies from location to location.


At this intermediate level your running and strength are strong. You will have good awareness and an ability to move your body that is above average. You can now take your training to higher levels through greater coordination and the beginning of excellent conditioning.

The expectations on what you achieve are high and your results in level 2 will be amazing!


When you get to this level you can move your body and train at levels experienced by few – you are bordering on elite! Your conditioning is very high and your ability to go into the hurt is exceptional. Expectation from coaches and individuals is very high with level 3’s, its serious training.

At this level you are in the best shape of your life!


It’s not about your ability. We focus on your effort.

Hard work is undefeated