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Take Your Fitness To A New Level With Your 4-Class Pass FREE Trial

Start your journey to getting your body into the best shape of your life with a free trial of PFC Glasshouse, the only boutique fitness club available to the public in Melbourne's sports precinct.

Your FREE trial gives you access to 4 of our highly rated, diverse class types so you can work out exactly how PFC can become a fundamental part of your fitness routine.

Whether you are new to fitness, are a seasoned athlete, love to run or are focused on building muscle our highly trained coaches will have you motivated and challenged to reach your fitness goals.


A Results-Based Class Only Gym

We’re a classes-only gym because we know that our highly trained and motivating coaches will push you to the next level in each and every class. We’re about effort and form over ability, and progress over perfection. We guarantee you'll walk away feeling like you've worked hard towards your fitness goals. Enjoy a dynamic range of our indoor and outdoor classes:

  • Strength (weights)
  • Sweat (HIIT)
  • Sweat X (HIIT)
  • Strength X HIIT
  • Boxing
  • Outdoor Running

What Our First-Class Club Features

Located in the heart of Melbourne's famous sporting precinct, you’ll be training with the facilities and equipment used by Australian athletes.

  • A superior range of brand new gym equipment
  • Motivating and qualified coaches
  • Premium showers & locker room facilities
  • Towels, clothing irons and hairdryers
  • Access to our FREE on-site private car park
  • On-site Café at Glasshouse Eatery

Class Schedule

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Hear From Some Of Our Fit And Happy Members

“Progression Fitness totally changed my life! This motivating and challenging group is unlike any I have come across before. The trainers are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and the members are wonderfully friendly and supportive. In the past 11 and a half months I have lost 30kg and participated in two 10km fun-runs; both of which I never thought possible before joining Progression Fitness. This group will change your mindset and push you to achieve goals you never thought possible! I cannot thank Ben and the whole Progression Fitness family enough for an incredible 2014-and I’m pumped for what training holds in 2015!” – Steph Freeman (member since 2013)

“Progression Fitness has a great variety of classes and timeslots. No class is ever the same so it doesn’t feel like Groundhog Day. The environment is very friendly and welcoming and you feel part of a team. I believe exercise is best done with a group of people, and Progression Fitness has filled the void I had when I ceased playing competitive team sports. The trainers are very experienced and approachable and enjoy guiding you on your Progression journey. I would happily recommend Progression Fitness to anyone looking for a place to train.” Andy Johnson (member since 2017)

"There really is nothing else that compares to Progression Fitness. The culture, training style, discipline, people and the results are what make PF one of a kind. After my first session 3 years ago I was instantly hooked and knew this training was more than just exercise. PF has changed the way I look at life, made me not only physically but mentally stronger and has made me into a confident person willing to take on any challenge life throws at me. PF has become a part of my life and I have never looked back!" Amy Crooke

"My experience at Progression Fitness Club has been just that: Progression. Progression from a casual weekend jogger to a race winner and multiple podium finisher. Progression every year to be fitter, faster, stronger. Most importantly, I've shared this progression with a community of like-minded individuals - people who want to be pushed and challenged every day by coaches who really care. Progression Fitness Club is not just a gym - it's a lifestyle, a routine, and a club I'm proud to be a part of." Lauren Fletcher (member since 2008)

"I've always been sceptical about group training, but Progression Fitness changed that mindset within 20mins of my first session. You are allocated into training groups that match your fitness levels and there is a distinct culture of self improvement which is highly motivating. The variety and knowledge of training methods ensures that you continue to see results, I've been doing a variety of training all my life and this is the fittest I've ever been. I think a clear indication of a successful company is loyalty, the fact that Progression Fitness has so many long term members is a true sign that Ben and his team have got it right!" Mike Murray

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