Innovative Fast Paced and Inspired Training


Confused by our classes? Take a look below at the variety that we offer. Be impressive by the choices. Be amazed at your results

Sweat (Athletic HIT)

High intensity athletic training. Functional, fast paced and dynamic intervals and circuits taking your fitness to a whole new level. Expect to be challenged like never before and the see results to match in our signature class

Strength (Strength & Conditioning)

Periodised progress. From sport performance to the showroom, move better and do it looking toned and chiseled. Combining elements of athletic conditioning and strength training principles, our expert coaches deliver challenging classes and a lasting impression.


Low impact, high intensity and highly addictive. Our indoor cycling experience uses data as its core. Suitable for all fitness levels and abilities with teamed or individual themed rides complete with 3D simulation. You’ll have your ride stats emailed to you at the completion of every class to compare and motivate.

Boxing (Boxing & HIT)

The perfect mix of mitt work or heavy bag boxing combined with elements of our high intensity athletic training. These 45 minute heart pumping, fast moving classes burn serious calories and see serious results.

Yoga For Athletes

Yoga For Athletes combines elements of Flow and Power Vinyasa into Yin to complement other areas of an athletes training program and sport. The Yin poses hit deep fascia stretching aiding in muscle function, performance, flexibility and recovery. These classes are 45-50 minutes with optional Shavasana at the end


Science fueled workouts that take your running to the next level. Our program is not all about endurance or the amount of kms you run – we focus relentlessly on how you run them. We combine speed, endurance and interval cycles with mental strength to have you peak when you need to.


Outdoors and Intense. Highly inspiring coaches will motivate you and transform your habits. We will super-charge your caloric output by increasing your ability to move your body in ways you never thought possible.