Change The Way You Train. Train PFC

Train Indoor

We do classes better. Our Boutique 450sqm health and fitness club in Cremorne/Richmond boasting premium Iron Edge training equipment and arena, indoor 3 lane IAAF certified running track, boxing zone, 25 bike cycle room + sun-kissed yoga loft is the playing field to showcase our leading classes – Athletic Conditioning, Studio Cycling, Boxing Conditioning, Yoga, Strength Conditioning & Pilates all at the one address.

Progression Fitness Club has an athletic element, we have the classes to take your training to the next level and you will love us if you’re willing to work hard!

Train Outdoor

Think about your perception of outdoor group fitness. Now forget that thought completely. We fill the void between the low intensity, low expectation training groups that flood the market and the elite to provide our unique high intensity, high performance, Athletic Boot Camp, Boxing Conditioning and Running fitness classes to those who really want to challenge themselves

The Progression Fitness Club outdoor model uses the hugely successful tiered training levels at every session where members are in a group, 1 through 3 that will appropriately challenge each individual for their current level of conditioning and allow room to move when goals are met.

Our Culture

Strength in numbers. Our culture is about success, positive habits and hard work and that’s our members kind of fun. It’s very under-estimated how the power and atmosphere of group training affects people in a training situation, our members stick together and help each other through because going alone is so much harder, PFC members have each others back. You feel a part of something, a club, a group and best of all we share the success together as a group.

 Your vision for what can be achieved will change when you join our program. Our job is to provide the tools, inspiration and coaching to make you believe that success is attainable.

ABOUT Progression Fitness Club

Seven years strong. Since 2008 and starting as Progression Fitness we’ve been delivering a standard of training that caters for the active people amongst us looking to take their training to a new level, turning everyday people from varying fitness levels into training like athletes.

Athletic training is at the core of what we do and in 2016 we are taking this up another notch by bringing in new part-owners in Collingwood star Scott Pendlebury and his wife, Nutritionist Alex Pendlebury to deliver Progression Fitness Club – a complete health and fitness experience catering both indoor and outdoor markets, plus health and nutrition services.