The Training

Think about your perception of outdoor group fitness. Now forget that thought completely. We fill the void between the low intensity, low expectation training groups that flood the market and the elite to provide our unique high intensity, high performance Athletic Boot Camp, Running, Yoga and Boxing fitness classes to those who really want to challenge themselves

The Progression Fitness model uses the hugely successful tiered training levels at every session where members are in a group, 1 through 3 that will appropriately challenge each individual for their current level of conditioning and allow room to move when goals are met.

The Culture

The fact that we don’t have a drop off rate over winter for outdoor fitness speaks volumes for our training, member culture and atmosphere. We are friends, we have groups travelling the world on #PFadventure trips but when its training time it’s about performance and competing against one another to embrace the situation and that is to be striving towards being better all the time

Our culture is about success, positive habits and hard work and that’s our members kind of fun. You feel a part of something, a club, a group and best of all we share the success together as a group.

The Results

Your vision for what can be achieved will change when you join our program. Our job is to provide the tools, motivation and coaching to make you believe that success is attainable. We have seen some amazing results in our 7 years operating from first places, podium finishes, first marathons and personal bests in Melbourne and Sydney fun runs to losing 30kgs in 9 months. To see people that we influence in a positive way break down barriers and smash goals time and time again is why our program is a step above.

Its never about what you can’t do in our program, its how do I get there


Watch this space. Announcement coming 28.09.15

In 2015 we will be delivering an indoor training facility to take help your training to the next level. We are not letting too much information out just yet, but we can guarantee one thing and that is ‘we have you covered…’  A broad array of classes and options will get you into the best shape of your life! We will be offering a massive number of classes including Strength and Conditioning, Athletic Conditioning – our indoor version of our outdoor Athletic Boot Camp. Plus loads more


Our running club based in Melbourne is middle ground between the elite and the one sized fits all running groups out there that expect every participant to be at the same level and ability. Just like with our Athletic Boot Camp program we have 3 levels catered for in every session. Our running program generally has 4-6 week cycles that focus on a different element of running – speed, interval and endurance. It is a serious program that gets results, we train for events (usually 8-15km). We are here to take your running to the next level.

Participants must be able to run 3km non stop to join this group